The doctoral minor in special education offers students the opportunity to bring a special education focus to doctoral studies in other departments. Special education faculty members prepare students to bring systemic change to educational and community settings in ways that improve access and equity for children and youth with disabilities and their families. Coursework addresses pressing issues in the field including increasing equity across diverse groups of students, improving post-school outcomes for individuals with disabilities, and enhancing teacher efficacy in secondary education methodologies with students with disabilities.

The student must request that a special education area faculty member serve as the doctoral minor advisor. Coursework must be selected in consultation with the faculty advisor. The minor declaration form must be completed and submitted to the student services coordinator in the RP & SE department.

Contact information: RP & SE student services coordinator, rpseinfo@education.wisc.edu.

The doctoral minor in special education consists of 9 credits to include:

  1. RP & SE 871 Foundations of Special Education (usually offered in fall semesters)
  2. Additional course work in the special education area of the RP & SE department to reach a minimum of 9 credits, to be chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor.