Kristine Eiring


(608) 263-7819

417 Education Building

1000 Bascom Mall

Madison, WI 53706

Eiring, Kristine

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I have been both a faculty member and clinical psychologist for many years and continue in both these roles. I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the Department of Rehabilitation Psychology with more of a focus on the group counseling and internship courses.
I also assisted the University of Wisconsin Athletic Department initiate an in house clinical and sport psychology program from 2015-2019; after this I returned to my private psychology practice. I specialize in working with individuals who are in high stress positions, such as athletes, business leaders and medical professionals. I also see many adults for coping with disability, injury and the rehabilitation process. I feel fortunate to combine teaching and practice in my professional life.


  • Ph D Rehabilitation Psychology, University of Wisconsin, 1996
  • MS Counseling Psychology, University of Wisconsin, 1989
  • BS Secondary Education, University of Wisconsin, 1986

Select Publications

  • Eiring, K. M., & Hathaway, C. M. (2019). Mindfulness for Athletes (3rd ed). In Bloomington, IN: Balboa Press.
  • Eiring, K. M., & Mahr, M. (2017). Community-Based Mindfulness Class for Athletes. In S. J. Zizzi and M. B. Anderson (Ed.), Being mindful in sport and exercise psychology: Pathways for practitioners and students West Virginia: FIT Publishing.
  • Gallagher-Lepak, S., Chan, F., Kates, D., Dunlap, L., Eiring, K. M., & Cunningham, J. (1996). Medications used in rehabilitation settings: Considerations for therapists and counselors.. In Treating substance abuse (pp. 25-47). NY: Hatherleight Press.
  • Gallagher-Lepak, S., Chan, F., kates, D., Dunlap, L., Eiring, K. M., & Cunningham, J. (1995). A current review of medications used in rehabilitation settings.. Directions in Substance Abuse Counseling, 3(5), 5-14.

Select Presentations

  • Eiring, K. M. (2020, ). Mental Health Delivery Models of Care UCLA. presented at the 2020 Mental Health Summit, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Eiring, K. M. (2019, ). Keynote. presented at the 2019 Female Athlete Empowerment Symposium, Sauk Prairie, WI.
  • Eiring, K. M. (2019, ). Managing Sports Anxiety. presented at the Aurora Health Care, Green Bay, WI.
  • Eiring, K. M. (2018, ). Delivery Models of Mental Health in the Big 10. presented at the Big 10 Sports Medicine Conference, Chicago, IL.
  • Eiring, K. M. (2017, ). Speaker. presented at the Big 10 Sport Psychology Conference, Columbus, OH.
  • Eiring, K. M. (2017, ). Conference Presentation. presented at the Big Sky Conference, Bozeman, MT.
  • Eiring, K. M. (2012, ). Tele-Consultation Groups. presented at the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Conference, Atlanta, GA.
  • Eiring, K. M. (2012, ). Body Dysmorphia. presented at the 2012 UW Madison Sports Medicine Symposium, Madison, WI.
  • Eiring, K. M. (2009, ). Working with University Student Athletes: Issues and Concerns. presented at the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Conference, Salt Lake City, UT.

Select Awards and Honors

  • Hall of Fame, Wisconsin Track Coaches Association, 1999