Potential Graduate Student Course Substitutions

Course (Sem.) Description Substitution (Sem.)
 EPS 300 (F/Sp/Su) This course addresses the contemporary issues and trends in public schooling. Topics include: cultural differences; achieving equality through schooling; schools as social institutions; the rights of students and teachers; and the nature and organization of the teaching profession. EPS 412 (F/Sp/Su)

EPS 500 (F/Sp/Su)

 Ed Psych 301
 This course addresses the social and psychological aspects of human development from early childhood through adolescence and the implications for education.  Ed Psych 321 (F/Sp/Su)
 RPSE 330 (F/Sp/Su)  This course is designed to address contrasting views and practices of children with exceptional learning and behavior characteristics; a humanistic behavioral approach; development and evaluation of behavior change programs, classification and foundations of exceptional learning and behavior characteristics, and facilitating behavior change in different settings.  Ed Psych 541 (F)
 RPSE 401 (F)  This course is designed to help students understand the theoretical foundations for the assessment and selection of assistive technology and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) for students with significant disabilities (e.g., moderate to profound intellectual disabilities, autism and related developmental disorders).  Ther Sci 775 (AT in
 RPSE 466 (F/Su)  This course is designed to provide an introductory overview of special education for culturally and linguistically diverse learners with disabilities.  RPSE 710 (Sp)
 RPSE 700 (F/Su)  This is an introduction to research designs and methods used in Social Sciences.  HDFS 425 (F)

Ed Psych 760 (F/Su)