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Department of Rehabilitation Psychology & Special Education
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Alumni Updates

Patricia Terrill Buffington Sinclair
MA 1971 ­— ­Rehabilitation Psychology
After graduating in 1971, Patricia has made multiple moves and worked in several different venues. In the 1970's, Patricia was a medical social worker at West Virginia University’s Medical Center covering orthopedic surgery, neurology, and neurosurgery services at a regional hospital for three years. Patricia and her husband moved to New York City for her husband’s additional training and a different opportunity for Patricia at the famed Bellevue Hospital covering orthopedic and podiatry clinics and in-patient/outpatient rehab. Next, they made stops in Seattle and Pittsburgh. After getting divorced in the 1990s, Patricia completed a post-master's training program in Employee Assistance Planning over the next two years. A second marriage and new opportunities emerged with a move to Columbus, Ohio, where Patricia entered private-sector rehabilitation handling worker's compensation cases. Yet another move to Phoenix in 2004 allowed Patricia to continue private sector case management with a large insurance company and TPA for several years until 2016 brought semi-retirement and another move back east, closer to Patricia’s roots in North Carolina. Patricia reports she is doing limited case management there and living just south of Charlotte. Patricia says it has been an interesting professional journey that she never could have envisioned 45 years ago.

Homer G. Spike Wadsworth
Ph.D. 1972 — Behavioral Disabilities
After receiving a degree from the Department of Studies in Behavioral Disabilities (now Department of Rehabilitation Psychology & Special Education), Homer returned to Oregon in 1972. Forty-five years later, Homer says it is time to give back to the DRP&SE for the rich experiences it provided. Thus, last year Homer established a charitable remainder trust to benefit the School by ultimately providing scholarships to talented and needy applicants.

Larry Stephen Hart
Ph.D. 1976 — Behavioral Disabilities
Larry is a board certified clinical psychologist practicing clinical-forensic psychology in Portland, Oregon. He is a Fellow at the American Academy of Clinical Psychology and has achieved a 5th degree black belt, WTF, Taekwondo.

Mike Scofield
Ph.D. 1979 — Behavioral Disabilities
Mike Scofield has recently retired as vice president of Analytics for Accolade, a healthcare technology and services company.

Marshall Flax
MS 1982 — Behavioral Disabilities
In his “retirement,” Marshall is teaching an online course for the Teacher of the Visually Impaired program at UW-Platteville. “Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye and Implications of Low Vision” provides the medical and educational implications of visual impairments, including the anatomy and physiology of the eye, impact of lighting, and environmental adaptations for students. He has also been asked to serve on the advisory board of the McPherson Eye Research Institute at the UW-Madison.

Debra Orbuch Grayson
BS 1985 — Behavioral Disabilities
Debra has earned a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from the University of Maryland-College Park and has been working blending her skills as an educator and clinical in private practice and the school system in Minneapolis and most currently in Kansas City.

Ann Drivas
BS 1979, MS 1985 — Rehabilitation Psychology & Educational Psychology
Recently, Ann worked with the University Bookstore to create a UW-Madison Junior Book Award to acknowledge scholarship and service in promising high school students and promote UW-Madison alongside many Ivy League schools that have had book awards for years. Having the bookstore as a partner streamlines the process for alumni to sponsor the awards at high schools of their choosing. Orders for this inaugural year were due in March and will be presented during Spring 2017 high school award programs. The UW-Madison Book Award will continue in future years. Here is additional information and a link for ordering:

Fred R. Swanson
MS 1990 — Rehabilitation Psychology
Fred continues in his 27th year at Madison West High School as a transition counselor for students with disabilities. Fred helps to coordinate permanent, integrated, paid work within the community, and helps coordinate students’ transitions to long-term adult supports with Dane County during their final years at school.

Joan Bartel
MS 1995 — Special Education
Joan is currently an associate principal at Royal Oaks Elementary School in Sun Prairie, Wis. Prior to working in Sun Prairie, Joan worked in the Verona Area School District as a special education teacher and special education coordinator.

Sara Jane Lee
BS 1986, MS 1997—Special Education
Sara currently lives in Madison and works as a special education program support teacher for the Madison Metropolitan School District. She serves as treasurer on the Wisconsin Council for Exceptional Children: Division for Early Childhood Council. Sara Jane also guest lectures at the UW-Madison and Edgewood College, and has spoken at several state and national conferences. Sara Jane enjoys time with her family, husband Kristian Lee and children: Allison Anna Grode, who graduated from Marquette University in 2016 and Aaron Grode, a sophomore at UW-Madison.

Sean R. Manley
MS 1997— Rehabilitation Psychology
Sean is a co-owner of On-Demand Group and his firm won the Top 100 ICIC Fastest Growing Inner City Companies in America for the fifth year in a row. Sean feels his success of the company is due to his vocational psychology background. Sean’s firm is in the business of placing IT professionals in various firms, and the ability to assess ones abilities and qualifications quickly to match their client needs is paramount to the success of the company.

Lynne Behrendt
BS 1985, MS 1998 — Elementary Education, Behavioral Disabilities and Curriculum & Instruction
Lynne has been teaching, and did a short four-year stint as a principal before she returned to the classroom. Lynne taught both general and special education at all levels in Madison, Seattle and now Edmonds, Washington. Currently, Lynne teaches high school English in the Learning Support Department at Edmonds-Woodway High School in Edmonds, Washington. Lynne says teaching has been a very rewarding career, and encourages others to go into teaching every chance she gets, despite the anti-public-education political climate. Lynne says the School of Education well-prepared her for the realities of the classroom. Lynne also said returning to UW-Madison to get a master’s degree was also very helpful in providing new inspiration and focus to continue on her path as an educator of disadvantaged youth. Lynne continues to take her UW-Madison foundation with her into the classroom each day.

Eric Hartz
BS 1998 — Rehabilitation Psychology
Dr. Hartz is a program coordinator at the Madison Metropolitan School District and started the Campus Connect dual enrollment program at Madison College in 2014. Campus Connect provides additional support for students with disabilities in the post-secondary environment, focusing on building self-determination and self-advocacy skills so that students graduate college with a one- or two-year associate degree. The Campus Connect program is in the fourth year. Students in Campus Connect pass their classes with a C or better 80 percent of the time, with most continuing on to complete their associate degree at Madison College. It's an innovative approach that provides students with disabilities an opportunity to go to college who previously didn't have the support available to them to be successful.

Angel Zambrano
MS 2010 — Rehabilitation Psychology
Angel is currently a program manager with the City of Austin's Public Health Department. Angel is responsible for planning, managing and supervising the provision of basic needs, employment, social work case management and public health nursing services at the neighborhood center and outreach locations to low and moderate income families. The Rosewood Zaragosa Neighborhood Center is located in vibrant and eclectic East Austin. Angel says he feels at home with its rich and deep Mexican-American history. Every day, Angel says the community that uses the center fills his days with surprises, color, laughter, heartache and the perseverance it takes to live in a neighborhood that is gentrifying at the speed of light.

Emily Jayne
BS 2013 — Special Education
Emily is a special education teacher in New York City public schools.

Jennifer Kwas
BS 2013 — Rehabilitation Psychology
Jennifer worked as a program manager for creative community living services out of college and then became an Apple Genius in December 2014. Starting March 27, Jennifer took over as half of the IT service desk for a software company called Zendesk on the square.

Kyle Hall
BS 2014 — Rehabilitation Psychology
Kyle is presently carrying out the responsibilities as an English teaching assistant through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program in South Korea. Kyle’s placement landed him in Sejong, which is a new city about an hour and a half south of Seoul. The construction of Sejong only began in 2007 and it now serves as the new governing capitol of South Korea. Kyle teaches third through sixth grades at a countryside elementary school and adores his students. In addition to teaching, Kyle volunteers in the special education classroom with two students who have autism, which has been a very rewarding experience. Aside from teaching, Kyle has been able to explore South Korea quite extensively as the public transportation is incredible there. Additionally, Kyle’s winter vacation allowed him to travel to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Hong Kong. Looking forward, Kyle plans on staying another year in South Korea with the anticipated return date to the United States being in August 2018. Kyle is fortunate that his time at UW-Madison has opened so many doors for him after graduation, and is happy to have chosen to walk through the door that led him to Korea.

Wei-Mo Tu
Ph.D. 2016 — Rehabilitation Psychology
Upon completing his degree in 2016, Wei-Mo joined the Department of Disability and Addiction Rehabilitation at The University of North Texas (UNT) as an assistant professor. Wei-Mo was recently awarded an intramural grant for his research project in regard to demand-side employment.